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This is how you should feel.

This is how the pieces you purchase, whether it's jewelry or clothing, should make you feel.

On the journey to shopping more consciously, I realized that my closet was now making me feel as though I was walking around the city in pieces of art. And in fact, that's exactly what I was doing.

When able, purchasing from artisans can really make you feel like you are wearing a story, rather than a product. This unreal blouse by Laundromat makes me feel exactly that. Through the work of two women slowly creating their dream pieces, they allow for their customers to be a part of that dream.

That is the goal of us at Alma Deco.

In this photoset, I am wearing our earrings, La Forma. What I adore about them is that I can carry with me true pieces of sculpture-like art on my ears without feeling a thing. They truly are as light as air, almost non-existent, but not to the people who will compliment you.

That is what I adore about our craft. We are only here to make art, not products. I assure you, that when you wear our pieces, you will feel the mother-daughter Latina magic with every step you take. I have an unmatched confidence when I am wearing pieces that I know pure love went into making.

And if you've purchased one of our pieces and felt this way; that sense of glowing, confident, magic, then thank you so, so much.



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